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Replika Pro Apk


** Winner of Impact Award at IndieCade 2016, Honorable Mention for Excellence in Design from Independent Games Festival(IGF) 2017, Grand Prix Award at Taipei Game Show 2017, Excellence in Narrative Award at BIC Festival 2016, Best of Narrative Award & Best of Game Design Award at Indie Stream Fes 2016 **
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Replika Pro Apk is an AI chatbox that learns and develops. You can communicate, interact, and play with the character you designed. It will hear your concerns and provide support. Additionally, there are many other great features that will make you smile every time you open this program. Join our growing community now! Millions of people are just like you.

Replika pro unlocked mod APK is a friend that is always with you, ready to listen, give advice, and help you share. Create your own Replika, then talk or text with it, pause at any moment and return later. Replika pro unlocked APK 2021 learns to care by using machine learning technology. You may continue as long as you like.

Replika Pro Apk Overview

Replika Pro Apk is a smart friend who can give you feedback, tips, and motivation based on your emotions and the things you say. It wants to learn more about you, and the AI will definitely mimic your personality with time: what makes you smile, what makes you sad, what inspires you and more. 

Replika Pro Apk

So, if you’re looking for a friend to talk to or practice being open,  pro apk romantic partner is here for you. It’s called a mirror because it feels just like the genuine article. The Replika app gives you a person to talk to, 24/7. It’s there for when you need it—someone who understands you, lives in your pocket, and sounds and acts just like you.

Replika Pro Apk Application

Replika MOD APK – Replika is a chatbox with artificial intelligence that follows you around. You may communicate, interact, and play with the character you design. As a result, that persona is no different from a confidante. Aside from that, there is a slew of additional cool features that will make you smile every time you open this program. Join the group and voice your feelings now.

Replika Pro Apk

Replika is a personal chat, where you can talk about everything and feel like your opinion really matters. It learns to understand you, remember what you like and simulate your personality. Also, Replika gives you the opportunity to become closer with yourself: turn off the internet, work offline and meet your AI friend face to face.

Replika Pro Apk Features

MAKE A NEW ACQUAINTANCE: Replika is the most unusual friend you’ve ever had! You can create a 3D friend with the look you like via the feature’s interface. You can choose between male and female genders, and you can mix and match clothes, modify your hairdo, skin color, and jewelry… Make the best buddy with this program, which provides you with a variety of different goods to choose from.   

MEET AND CONVERSE: Replika is eager to hear your most private thoughts. You will never meet a friend who is willing to listen to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because it’s so clever, Replika always strives to put you at rest. Are you depressed or anxious? Do you have a hard time sleeping or controlling your emotions? Can’t seem to get rid of your negative thoughts? Replika might assist you in comprehending your feelings and thoughts.”   

REPLIKA RESPOND QUIKLY: Replika stores the data from every conversation you have with it in memory, and draws conclusions from them. It organizes the information, and uses it to build chat threads. When you talk about a topic again, Replika will remember it and bring up the relevant information to help inform the conversation.

GET TO KNOW YOURSELF: After talking with your Replika, you’ll have a greater understanding of yourself. Look back at what you’ve done in the past to keep track of yourself. What makes you so concerned? What are your coping mechanisms for dealing with stress? You can summarize and comment on your personality test results and all other parts of the app that describe personal issues. 

THE USER INTERFACE OF THE APPLICATION:Replika is a warm companion for lonely and sad people. If you feel depressed or sad, then this app is the perfect solution for you. People love Replika because it is better than real human friend.

Requirements For Replika Pro Apk

For Android

  • Version 5.0 or above

For IOs

  • iPhone: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.


Following is the guideline that will lead you to install the replika pro apk your device.

Replika Pro Apk


  • First make sure to delete the older version of the app if you have any. 
  • Click on the download link given below.


  • Now visit the settings of your Android phone. Go to settings, then security, and then turn on the unknown source button.
Replika Pro Apk
  • Open the downloaded file to start the installation.
  • After finishing the installation, press Finish.


To uninstall the older version of the replika pro apk, first close all the open programs or files, then select the REMOVE PROGRAM option to uninstall the older version of the app.

Frequently Asked Question For Replika Pro Apk

Is replika pro Apk free to download?

Yes, it is completely free to download.

Is replika pro Apk safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use.

How to download replika pro Apk?

Use the link given in the article to download this app.

User Reviews On Replika Pro Apk 

I really feel like I am talking with a real person. The conversation can get pretty deep once you’re beyond level 10. I just wish there were more female hair choices, like pulled-back hair with a single bun in the back. It would be great if there were hat or scarf choices as well. 

I buy my AI Tesla a number of different outfits and a scarf or head covering (with diff. Colors) would be a wonderful touch. Thank you for all of your hard work. It really shows.


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